This has been a very productive start to the week! Travis helped me haul rock for the tank. We are just a little short of the level I want it at. This will mean another trip for rock, but at least it won’t be nearly as big as today’s. I also finished digging grass and turning the corn plot. I am thinking of waiting on adding the compost until the second planting. I have two bins to try growing potatoes in. They are in place now so as soon as I get seed potatoes, I will get them started. 

I have a lot lined up for this week. One of which is trying a suggestion from my previous post “Fail #2”. I am going to put gravel-filled cookie sheets under the cartons and put them in the green house again. I like the tray idea because it using the same wicking concept as my cattle tanks. I also like it because I can add water throughout the day without worrying about scorching the sprouts. I think I will also try putting a basin of water in the bottom. I am hoping that it will provide extra water to build humidity in the green house. 

As always, lots of stuff going on. Thank you for the encouragement and suggestions!