My apologies, y’all! I had a terrible sinus headache Tuesday (which is also an indicator of the season change for me). This combined with Caroline being fussy meant that not only did I not feel like writing, but I didn’t have much of anything to write about. Then yesterday I was too busy trying to catch up a bit. 

Now I’ve gotten a little more accomplished in the garden. I sowed spinach and carrot seed. I started to wait for the favorable moon for planting spinach, but decided to go ahead. I don’t want it to get too hot for it too soon. I also put out a little broccoli seed just to see if anything would come of it. It is around the suggested time to transplant the starts so I thought I would experiment using the time for direct sowing. 

I tried to use the cookie trays for putting under the starts in the green house but they were too shallow. Not because of the amount of water they could hold but because of the short sides. I didn’t think of the fact that we have no truly level places, which means the green house slants slightly. This caused all of the water to run out except the lower corner. So the starts are still on my counter under the light. The sage and one variety of tomato are getting big enough that I am going to transfer them to larger cups. Then maybe I’ll try to green house again. 

Travis is picking up seed potatoes for me from town. I have the bins ready for them so I’m going to plant them tomorrow. I’m cutting it close on getting them planted during their moon cycle. I am also working on the rock path around the corn plot. Anyway lots going on, but even more to come. I hope everyone’s garden is coming together for them!