The past two days I have been trying to make butter. Mix this in with my usual daily work and baking a big batch of bread and it all adds up to a decent workout. It’s no wonder homestead women were and are so tough! My arms are sore, but I think I’m closer to having butter. 

Part of it is my own fault. I did research and then jumped in without trying to find someone to show me how to do it in person. I think I am still starting off with my cream to cold. I wanted to make it first the way Mama said Grandma made it, which is in a jar. In addition to the cream being too cold, I also had my jar too full when I tried to make it yesterday. I’m at least gettin well versed in what not to do! 

Maybe once I get a routine down, I’ll write a post on how to make butter. For now, I’ll just say that if you are looking for a good arm workout, try making butter in a jar while carrying a baby….