Storms are headed into our area again, but Savannah and I certainly enjoyed the sun and warmth while it lasted. We spent the better part of today outside, mostly at the garden. 

I broke ground on the shed foundation finally and Savannah had fun playing in my ever increasing dirt pile as I worked. If I hadn’t needed to clean my kitchen, I would have gotten more done. As it is, I managed to get two holes for block supports dug and the start of a third. The area is remeasured and plans finalized. After the holes are dug, I will adjust depth to make sure the floor is level and fill in dirt around the blocks. 

I’ve seen no sprouts from my carrots and spinach yet. I hope they come soon and do well. I have lost some more tomatoes from my starts inside but I still have a few that look good. My sage is looking good too. I think my marigold seed is too old because I have still not seen any come up. I do have some strawberries up though. 

Soon, it will be time to direct sow the rest of our varieties. I’m really looking forward to that. I still need to get photos moved off of my phone soon so I can share photos of my progress. Hopefully there will be a lot of it in the next month.