It amazes me how four people can create so much laundry in not a lot of time. Especially when one of them can’t move on her own (at least not enough to get dirty). Of course, I wash a bit more often than I would technically have to, but I refuse to buy a third hamper for our little family. 

Regardless, a couple of things came to mind as I washed. First, how certain habits rub off on us from our parents. I finished milking the last of the detergent from a bulk jug. As I rinsed the spout and cup under the running water into the wash, I realized that most people would probably not worry about it. I have always done this though. Thinking back, I remember always seeing Mama rinse the detergent jug too (that is, after we got a washer when I was going on maybe 8 years old). It’s a ritual that I’m sure she picked up in her and Papa’s lean years. One more way to make something stretch a little further. 

The second thing was how blessed I am for Savannah. She’s only two years old and is already such a big help hanging up clothes. Yes, she gets distracted playing occasionally while we are hanging them up, but she really enjoys helping. She has actually gotten upset when I’ve told her we have to wait on hanging them up while I finish a different task.

The wash again is done for a time. Now comes Sabbath and free time to enjoy family. Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend!