It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s magic. Yesterday, the weather went radical again and gave us snow showers a good portion of the day. It amounted to us getting about 2-3 inches of a beautiful, wet snow. For those from up north rolling their eyes right now, I know…I know, but this is the Ozarks and we don’t often get it. This is why I was really disappointed that Savannah has a cough. I would have loved to take her out to play in it. But I digress. 

After the girls were asleep, I went downstairs to bring the dogs in. I also carried wood in for the night. I looked out and couldn’t help myself. I took a short walk. It was perfect. There was no wind, the moon was shining almost full. I was only in a hoodie, but didn’t feel cold, only brisk. Everything was quiet under the fresh blanket of snow. The closest sound was that of my boots in snow and the drip of the roof beginning to melt. 

Suddenly, I was a kid again. Growing up, there were only a few times such a night occurred. While my family was inside around the fire before bed, I was outside. I might walk around the yard or crawl under the fence to the hayfield. I might just find a perch and sit listening to the silence. It didn’t matter what I did as long as I was out in it. The air would be still and cool, but not cold. As though that blanket of snow was providing warmth to the night. 

These times made such an impression on me. Through them, I knew what true peace was. I knew fully what a blessing it was to live where such peace could be found. As I got older, I realized part of the magic was that my spirit was at rest. It was the same peace I felt again in Ireland that told me I belonged, but that is another story. 

This all may seem silly to some. I hope others have had the opportunity to find this peace in their own perfect moment. When you do, hold tight to it. Look for it at other times and summon it through memory when you need to feel it again. May the stars align and you find yourself wandering in a hayfield with a fresh blanket of snow and a full moon shining overheard.