Well, a respiratory bug has hit our family. Travis is thus far avoiding it, thankfully. This along with the cold, wet weather (we woke up to some more snow this morning) will be keeping the girls and I in for the most part. It’s times like these that basic conveniences limiting me from having to go outside are appreciated, such as indoor plumbing and running water. 

It probably seems odd to have this thought come up. I have been reading some old time stories from when folks didn’t have these greatly-taken-for-granted comforts. Thinking of how cold that trek to the outhouse was makes me very thankful for our bathroom. 

I think part of why I have extra appreciation for these comforts  stems from us being out of water for a week back in the fall. We came back from the Feast to find our well’s pump had gone out. We also had trouble getting in contact with the service folks due to a wrong number, which drug it out a little longer than it should’ve been. My folks were still gone and invited us to just stay down at their house. I wanted to be at home so we only used their house for bathing and laundry. 

Staying home through this time made more day-to-day work for me. Each day started out with me carrying a couple buckets of waste water for such uses as flushing the toilet with from the outdoor city water facet by the garden. I also carried a couple clean basins of water for drinking and cooking. I would heat water on the kitchen stove for washing dishes and other cleaning. I checked to make sure we had enough water in the house to get us through the night before dark. 

I won’t say that it was an enjoyable experiment, but it was an educational one. I know the added effort behind having to haul your water in. I know I could do it if I had to. Until then though, I will appreciate our running water more.