I’m probably more excited about this than I should be. However, I am excited so I had to write a quick post about it. Have you ever been irritated by all the water you waste following the standard directions to cook pasta?

This has always bothered me about making pasta. Why does it take six quarts of water to cook one pound of pasta?  Pasta is relatively small and yet we are told to boil it in more water than it takes to cook potatoes. Then it all gets poured out! Well, no more in my kitchen. 

It finally bothered me to the point that I looked into it. Pasta doesn’t need that much water. It only needs enough to cover it while boiling. According to one article I read on cookinglight.com, the pasta water is also worth saving after you’re done cooking the pasta. It suggests adding some to the pasta sauce to add flavor. It also suggests freezing the pasta water like broth to save for adding to future soups and pastas. 

I don’t expect y’all to be as oddly excited by this information as I am, but I hope you find it useful. It is especially good to know in emergency situations where every drop of water is more precious.