It was beautiful out today so we took the girls over to check on the cemetery we keep up. We ate a quick sandwich there, then did a survey of the grounds. 

Travis cleaned some headstones with Savannah following him around. I checked my flowerbeds and picked up a few little branches near the front. There were a lot of them around so we will be coming back with a truck to clean them up. The windstorms in our area certainly caused a lot of them. 

The main concern we have is another disappearance. Last year, we replaced a headstone that someone apparently stole. This time, Travis noticed that one of the more prominent stones had the decorative tapered top broken off. It was no where to be found so it wasn’t the wind. It makes me sad that someone would be so disrespectful and mean spirited to do such a thing. 

We will continue to do what we can to look after the cemetery. It’s little spots like this that are lost if folks don’t take the time to tend to them. Remember, it’s harder to reclaim and restore than it is to upkeep. Don’t wait for someone else to do the work.