I’m finishing up the last of my spring planting. Yesterday, I planted sweet corn, sunflowers, beans, and some new trials (I’ll go into further detail on these if they actually come up haha). Today, I planted more herbs by direct sowing. Here after I get Caroline to sleep, I’m hoping to plant some squash. 

I tried something new on planting the beans. I planted each in a spot next to each fence post along the road. My idea is that the bean plant will vine up the post and I will direct it down one side of the cross rails. This will turn our front fence into more growing space. 

I will wait a little longer before I set out my surviving starts. I am replanting now to supplement for those starts that I lost. I am also planing on buying some flowers to plant since mine didn’t come up from seed. My carrots and spinach haven’t come up either so I am considering planting beets and squash in their place.

We certainly have lots to look forward to along with lots of work. I hope everyone’s spring planting is going well!