We are still staying busy, but not with anything interesting enough to deserve a post about. There has been lots of cleaning and sorting. Passover is only a week away so I am trying to weed out leavening from our cabinets and pantry. 

In addition to all this, I am also trying to finish up making products for the start of the farmers market. It begins in two weeks. This means that I am also trying out several products that I am stirring up. Yesterday, I tried a foot soak. It was very odd for me. It seemed weird just sitting there. It might have been relaxing if I could have quit thinking about everything I was trying to get done that day. Maybe the next one I try won’t seem so odd haha. 

I am also busy keeping an eye on our garden. Yesterday, before the rain set in, I added the first layer of straw to one of our potato barrels. Nice, healthy looking plants from our red potato seeds had come up. Then a gentle rain came in for the afternoon and night so everything is well watered. I hope everything else comes up as nicely!

Today continues a busy day with a lot to get done. Hopefully, it will be as productive as yesterday.