Notice how everything is always someone else’s fault?  A person is whatever his/her parents, environment, neighborhood, race, or class made. His/her problems are not a result of personal fault therefore the role of victim is played and all responsibility can be thrown out the window. Our society tells everyone they are the victim of everything around them. 
It is because of this victim syndrome that our nation is rampant with such things as abortion, overwhelming student debt, and addicts of every form. Playing the victim removes all personal accountability for a person’s response. 

A little while back I read a news article about an opioid epidemic in Everett, Washington and their lawsuit against the drug maker “responsible”. Now don’t get me wrong, I dislike drug dealers of both the legal and illegal variety. Let’s take a step back from the witch hunt though and put down the pitchforks and torches for a minute. Common sense should tell people that a pill is not going to magically make everything better with no possible side effects. Being healthy is not that easy. If you are popping pills, then you should know you have a problem. Take responsibility and take action to get yourself help. Influence others to get healthy through natural means. The nice thing about capitalism is that if no one is buying their product, the company will close or move on to something else. 

And I know, someone out there will be outraged and say that I can’t know because I’m not an addict. Bull! Sugar is an addictive drug. I have an enormous sweet tooth and I know this can be a problem, so you know what I do? I limit myself and avoid temptation by not buying a bunch of sweets. I don’t start bickering at the sellers of them and saying it’s their fault. I own my problem, which empowers me to control it. 

I am frequently fed up with these victimized people our society continues to create. I wish they would see how weak and compliant it makes them. As every 12-step program always says, acknowledging there is a problem is the first step, and it’s true. 

A person is responsible for his/her actions. If that person is unable to control his/herself in a situation, then it is his/her responsibility to keep out of that situation or take the blame of what happens. Personal accountability demands it. 

To close, there is a quote from the movie Take the Lead, which I think sums it up well: 

“I get it. To do something, anything, is hard. It is much easier to blame your father, your mother, the environment, the government, the lack of money. But even if you find a place to assign the blame, it doesn’t make the problems go away.” – Pierre Dulaine, played by Antonio Banderas