This is something that has bothered me since Disney released Frozen. Everyone was praising it for showing girls they didn’t need a prince (man) to swoop in and save them. Now, don’t get me wrong, when I finally broke down and watched it, it was a good movie. However, it took me awhile to watch it just because it’s praise irritated me. 

It is up to parents to help their children develop common sense and part of this common sense is knowing reality. The guy is not always going to save the girl so she will obviously have to know how to take care of herself. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the prospect of someone saving us. Fairytales are called fairytales because fairies don’t exist in real life. It is not up to movie makers to teach reality to children, it’s the parents’ job. 

I watch shows and movies for entertainment, not because I look for them to be true to life. I want them to have happy endings because not everyone gets one in this life. I want the bad guys to be caught in the end because they aren’t always. I want to see the romantically planned night from Some Kind of Wonderful because in real life that’s not how guys plan. It’s not about setting expectations according to these movies; it’s about enjoying the fantasy of a world that won’t exist.