And here comes the teething again. Savannah began running a fever last week, which first made me worry that she had caught something. Then however, I added up the other signs: frequently chewing on anything and everything and extra saliva. It dawned on me that she was teething again. So she is cutting the dreaded two-year molars. 

This is the teething cycle that she has always repeated. When the teething gets the most intense, she gets a fever and is irritable and restless. The fever causes a running nose, the running nose causes a cough, and the cough causes everyone to loose sleep. Her teething cough has caused many a night of me sleeping with her on the couch. 

I am hoping that now she’s older we can use honey to help her get over the cough more quickly. I have been looking up ideas for different ways to use it and picked out a couple to try. One is a topical application, one is a tonic, and one is a honey cough pop (instead of cough drop). I’m really looking forward to trying them and finding one that works best for Savannah. I am looking for a different version of the honey pop though because I have heard that heating the honey destroys some of its healing properties. 

I’ll try to keep you posted on how this all goes. With some extra prayers and honey, hopefully we will get through the two-year molars quickly.