I got out to the garden first thing this morning to check everything before the rain moved in. It’s all looking pretty good. None of the extra tomatoes that I planted have come up, but Mama has some extra she is letting me have. 

I have started mulching the plants that are up so I don’t get behind waiting to do it all at once. I got the sunflowers and some of the corn done before the girls woke up and I had to go in. Maybe the rain won’t be too heavy and I can do some more tomorrow. It is supposed to turn cool again so I also need the mulch to help protect the plants. 

Oh and I finally have the first bean along the fence sprouting! Hopefully the rest will follow soon. I will be directing them as they grow and climb. 

I’ve had a few carrots show up, but I don’t think there will be very many. My spinach and strawberries appear to have failed. I’ll try the spinach again in the fall maybe. The strawberries will have to wait until next year. My herb transplants have died so I’ll be replanting them. I’ll get the hang of this eventually!!