I find it amazing that people disregard the benefits of observing God’s laws. They act as though it would prevent them from enjoying life. I am thinking about that this morning because it struck me as I was mulching part of my plants that God’s law is a lot like mulch. 

How can that be, right?  Think about it. God’s law sets boundaries on behavior. If we stay within these boundaries, we won’t have to endure the consequences for breaking His laws. For example, infidelity is the frequent cause of a broken marriage and family. If adultery isn’t committed, the benefits of a trusting relationship are gained. The Father knows what is good for us. We simply must stay within the mulch of His law to keep weeds from growing in our life. 

Another thing struck me as I was applying the mulch around the plants. I left areas open where unsprouted seed will grow. If I covered them with a think layer, then the delicate growth would be unable to take place. In 1 Corinthians, Paul speaks of seeing through a glass darkly. We have trouble seeing how far short we fall of Christ’s perfect observance of the law. As we try to follow His path, God reveals a little more and a little more of how we should be behaving. Like mulch, if He dumped it all on us at once, we wouldn’t be able to find our way through it and grow. By adding a little as we grow, He gives us nutrients and protection by His law without smothering our hope of achieving Christlike maturity.

We can learn so much about God and His ways through the creation. We simply have to look for it.