I am so glad it is Friday and the Sabbath is almost here. I’m going to try to catch up on a few things, but first I’ll try to fill you in since I haven’t had an opportunity to post. 

I got rained out on the farmers market this week. We had massive rain storms Wednesday and flash flooding. I am hoping to get out this morning to check the garden between showers as the rain moves back in again. We are expected to have more flooding in the area because of it. Thankfully on our hill, we don’t have to worry about our house during flooding. 

One plus side to staying home Wednesday was it was easier to deal with Caroline. She refused to sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time all day. That kept me from getting much done other than working on my table display for next week’s market. 

Yesterday, I caught up on some stuff before grocery shopping in the afternoon. I bought a lot of fresh produce, which I am hoping to get processed today. I am drying some, freezing some, and leaving some fresh for munching on. I also bought extra apples to make some juice next week. I already have a round of banana chips in the oven. I’ll wash dishes, tidy the kitchen and then continue with the produce. 

I’ll take notes on how things go for posting next week. It’s looking to be quite a busy day!