That is what I think has happened to me. In the past week and a half, I have read the next three Sofie Kelly books in her magical cat mystery series: Copycat Killing, Cat Trick, and Final Catcall. They have been as wonderful as the first two!

The real problem is that I’m catching up with the series too quickly. Even as I sit here looking at the closed book that I just finished, I am torn between excitement and remorse. Excitement because I can start on the next book as soon as I borrow it from Mama. Remorse because there may only be three or four books left that she has before I have to (hopefully) wait for Ms. Kelly to release another. It’s the pain every bookworm knows all too well. 

Though part of me wishes that the next book will last longer, I cannot coax myself into thinking that I’ll read it any slower. The inability to put a book down is proof of just how good it is. I’ll just have to hope that I can find another series that will enthrall me half as much to distract me.