My sister shared a Facebook video with me on smoothies. I tried making a few: strawberry/ banana, apple/grape, apple/banana/spinach, and strawberry/blueberry. 

I washed and cut up the fruit like I would be making the smoothie right then. I layered the combination I wanted in a pint jar. Then I put the lid on and set it in the freezer. It is suggested to use plastic freezer lids, but I just used what I had, which is the basic metal two-piece ones. The fruit prepared this way is suggested by the video to be good for two weeks. 

I tried the first one the other day and it worked well. In the video, they use a blender that the blades screw into the pitcher and allows the blades to be attached directly to the jar. It’s very little cleanup if you have one like this because you can add milk and blend the smoothie right in the jar. Mine isn’t like this so I let it thaw enough to pop the fruit into the blender. Then I added milk and blended it. 

Even with the different blender, it made for a quick smoothie. I let the jar set out while I got the girls and myself ready for the day. After it was in the blender, cleanup and all took only like 10 minutes. Savannah seemed to like it as much as I did. I’m definitely going to keep doing this!