I have to show off what my mother-in-law got me!!

I now have a case to keep my oils in! As you can see, it is a large, two-tier train case. It even has that row of holders under the lid to put 10 ml roller bottles. It is going to be perfect for taking my oils with me to the market. 

This is a personal defuser. It has a magnet in the middle holding the two halves closed. A part of a cotton ball spread around the magnet works to hold the oils. Below is a chain I put together to wear the defuser as a necklace. 

It can clip to anything, which is nice because I can clip it to my purse when I am wearing a different necklace. I have been using it around to house since we have the windows open and that negates using my room defuser. I have been using my go-to energizing boost of peppermint and wild orange in it. 

I have already gotten a lot of use out of the defuser and I am sure I will use it a lot more in the coming summer. Consider getting one for yourself or the essential oil enthusiast you know!