I have found a new use for my leftover apple peelings! I found a recipe for apple chips on Pinterest. It uses whole apples, but I couldn’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work for just the peels. 

Of course, I washed the apples really well before I began and let them dry. While I was peeling the apples for another recipe, I tried to keep them around the same thickness at the thickest point. I rolled the peels in sugar and laid them on baking sheets lined with parchment paper. I put them in my oven preheated at 210 degrees and vented the door with a wooden spoon. I turned them after 90 minutes, being very careful not to burn myself. 

After another hour, I began testing them as you do with drying fruits. I’d pull the ones out that were crisp and put them in a ziplock bag. The others I would flip over and return to the oven. I repeated this until they were all done. 

They turned out good and sweet. The sugar combined with their juice as they baked to create a kind of candied coating. It makes for a nice treat. I hope y’all enjoy it!