A group of us were talking at the market about colic and natural remedies. One gentleman said his son had it terribly bad when he was a baby. After suffering through sleepless nights, they were visiting at his wife’s grandmother’s house and she passed on some old-time wisdom. 

She walked out to her garden and picked catnip leaves and told them to steep the leaves for tea for their baby. She said to put it in a bottle for him like milk and let him drink what he wanted. They did and he took a few swigs promptly falling into a peaceful sleep. (Not all natural remedies take effect this quickly with every person.)

I love learning about home remedies so I decided I would look into who else knew about this one. I was visiting recently with Travis’s great aunt and asked her about it. She confirmed what I had heard: it was good for colic and aiding sleep. 

She told me two other things I didn’t know about it. First, it commonly grew (grows?) wild in our area around springs and other water sources. Second, it is related to mint plants, which is why it is soothing. I guess why it works well for babies is because it is milder than basic mint plants and is easier on their systems. 

I will be filing this away for when we have problems. I certainly trust it over commercial products. Of course, when using a plant like this, locate it or raise it away from where chemicals are sprayed so it is safe for consumption. I hope this helps someone who could use a little relief for their baby.