Everything is certainly getting taller in the garden. I had to share a quick update on how everything is looking. 

This is my best looking row of corn. Not much else came up other than what already had. It has just been so wet. I didn’t replant any because I didn’t want it to interfere with my late planting. Hopefully, the late planting’s rows will come in fuller. 

The sun flowers look wonderful! I did realize that I really should have planted them on the other size of the corn. Certainly something to remember for next year’s planting. 

Travis isn’t big on squash so I didn’t plant a lot. These two are the prettiest. I have already started watching them in a paranoid fashion for squash bugs. I am hoping to stay diligent and be ahead of them this year. 

My peppers are still little, but my cilantro is making progress. I replanted some more herbs hoping it wouldn’t be too wet for them this time. My niece and nephew actually helped with this when they stayed with me Thursday. 

It’s not the prettiest garden out there, but I’m making progress. I hope everyone else’s is coming along great!