The couple of days that were partly sunny really helped the garden. The corn shot up another three inches at least. The sunflowers have probably grown more like five. Green beans and tomatoes are looking good too. 

This is the first squash bloom of the year. No sign of squash bugs yet. I’m watching them like a hawk. I’m also thinking I may go ahead and start spraying them with a peppermint oil mix just in case. I’m excited to see the little squash starting to take shape. 

The beans I replanted are sprouting. I put a little extra hay around them to mulch. I also decided to try the hair repellent idea I wrote about. We don’t have much deer come along the fence, but I want to see if it will work for rabbits and other smaller pests. One of my first bean sprouts looked like it might have been nibbled off. If that’s what happened, I figure any extra deterrent would be worth trying for this round. 

We have rain moving back in for a couple of days so I will still be off watering duty. This has been a very wet spring. I need to start keeping track of rainfall amounts. Anyway, I have a mountain of things to get done before bed so I best get on with it!