We weathered the storms in our area visiting at Travis’s folks. Everyone was talking about Saturday having the strongest of the storms. However, it was Friday night’s storms that caused ping pong ball sized hail to fall at our house. 

I won’t bore you with photos of every bit of damage, but I’ll tell you the highlights. Our redbud sapling is a bit tattered, but still standing. The raspberry vines took a beating, striping most all of the ripening berries. The green berries on a smaller bunch of vines were undeveloped enough to survive. 

My sunflowers seem to have taken the biggest hit. As you can see, only a couple in the picture above are still intact. The corn was still short and scattered enough to avoid the worse. Only one had a broken stalk. 

The tomatoes and beans were a little more protected. They all sustained light damage. Thankfully, I am waiting for the potato vines to die back so I am hoping damage to them won’t matter. As you can see below, the outer leaves of my two prettiest squash plants are torn up bad. The heart of the plants look okay. I am thinking of trimming the broken stems to try to discourage bug invasion. 

I don’t know what will bounce back from this shock and what will become susceptible to bugs. I will try to figure it out as we go. I do know it could have been a lot worse. The only signs of the hail at our house (other than the garden) were a few blown out window screens, one cracked window, and walnut leaves blown all around. I am very thankful for the Father’s protection. Time to get on with clean up!