I am finally reorganizing the kitchen. I’ve gotten about half of the cabinets done. I am hoping it makes things a little more efficient. I will now have a section each for cooking, baking and canning items. I am also planing for space for bulk containers. I want to switch over to this as we become more self sufficient and I make more things from scratch. 

Between this, the garden and two teething children, I’ve had a busy past few days. Throw in hauling a good amount of hay on Sunday and it feels like the week should be more than half over. (Speaking of, we ended up with around 650 square bales from the two fields we baled.) There is still much work to do before the week is over though. 

I think my day is almost over…. Caroline is just about ready to be put to bed. Hopefully, she will sleep peacefully from now until I get her up early for market. Good night to you all and may your days not be as drawn out as mine!