What a week and it’s not over yet! Sunday, I began the serious work on my garden shed. I have continued work on it each day since, whenever I had the opportunity amongst everything else. Monday, I moved furniture around in the girls room. (Savannah was given a toddler bed from her cousins.) Then, we attended a demonstration/talk on chuck wagon and Dutch oven cooking. It was actually put on by my Mama’s best friend from high school. It was very interesting!

Tuesday morning, I got my first big picking of green beans and my first tomato worms. Then, I took the girls and got some supplies for the shed. We met up with my sister and headed north to go to Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield. As we left town, we picked up my brother’s puppies from getting fixed and dropped them off as we went home. 

Today was the market. After that, I came home and caught up on some cleaning that got pushed back because of everything else going on. I am hoping to finish the shed tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I can’t wait to share the details on it!!