I got to hold a hummingbird today. It would have been more neat if I hadn’t been so worried. I walked into the garage to do something and immediately heard her. She had flown in the open door and was trying to exit through a window back near Travis’s work desk. 

I hurried over with a soft shirt. I’d never caught a bird before, but I have butterflies and other bugs. I covered my hands with the material and cupped my hands around her against the window. Luckily she had stopped to rest from her frenzied flight. The first time didn’t feel like a good position, but second try seemed to have her safely contained. I held my hands carefully but firmly and walked out a bit away from the garage. 

I have a feeder for them along my herb garden so I walked out to it. I opened my hands near the feeder, but her tiny talons were in the fabric. I held her right up to the feeder and she actually drank for a couple seconds. I shifted the fabric a little and she seemed to take inventory and gather her wits. Then she flew off. 

It’s probably silly, but I am so relieved that I was able to help her and get her out safely. I honestly wonder at the fact that she didn’t fight me trying to catch her or try to pull away hard instead of accepting the drink. The hummingbirds I feed do come up close to me and will even buzz me when they are out of juice. I wonder a little if she might have recognized me and knew I would try to help. What I do know is that it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.