There is nothing more disheartening about raising a two year old than seeing the bad habits take root. Even more so though when you realize the child is just mimicking you. 

I have now had this happen more times than I care to relate. I start to correct her, stop, and mentally slap myself. It’s caused me to work on my own behavior to help her keep from continuing the cycle. 

One example has changed our lunch routine. I used to have the girls take their combined nap beginning somewhere between 10:30 and 11 am. I ended up running around, munching on a quick lunch while trying to get the girls down to sleep. I then started having to get on to Savannah for running around with her food. When I realized I was the cause, I started fixing our lunch and having everyone sit at the table. It’s not a long meal, but it’s enough that she has gotten a bit better about sitting to eat her main meals. 

Now I have this automatic reaction when I have to scold her. I immediately begin looking at my behavior through her eyes to see if I need to change something. It’s certainly continuing to be an enlightening and very humbling experience.