I’m sorry my posts have been sparse recently. My docket has been overflowing of late. That is compounded by a teething baby who refuses to easily go to sleep when I need her to. 

I have been trying to play catch up the last two days. I’m reworking the corn plot and hoping to have our late planting in soon. I may not have time to wait for a favorable moon; I need to check the almanac. I am also trying to curb the weeds that overtook while I’ve been busy. 

This morning, I’m trying to catch up on processing produce. I seem to have a little of everything to get either canned or frozen before it gets questionable. I also have a requested cake, chocolate zucchini, to bake for services tomorrow. 

Hopefully by the time the girls nap, I’ll be done in the kitchen and can move back to the garden. After that, I will probably spend the rest of the afternoon working on my new Facebook page and cleaning house. Not enough hours in the day!