I caught up on my newspaper reading last night. I gave myself the night to think on it and decided I would still post the rant. 

Who all is tired of the left/liberal/socialist guilt trips? Go ahead, raise your hand. I read another in the paper last night. I just glanced over it, felt my blood pressure start to rise, and moved on. Apparently, the federal government may cut heating cost assistance. Now we get to hear all of the crying about the 80-year olds that will go to bed cold. Why is it that liberals always pull out the saddest examples to plead their cases? To play on our emotions and guilt us into submission. 

I would be considered cold and uncaring for my stance against the liberal/socialist idea that the government needs to hold the purse and decide who gets money. It’s not that I don’t want our elderly helped; what I want is people to take personal responsibility to make sure the local elderly have what they need. Don’t expect the government to take care of them and others. 

Charity begins at home. Keep charity local first. It cuts out paying the bureaucrats and helps ensure the funds go to those who really need them. If you’re concerned about the heating cost for elderly in your area, get out and ask them if they need help. Or check for locally based assistance funds. Our electric company even has a program in place. Charity is one more area that we do not need the federal government meddling in.