I’m beginning to think that I get a little too easily excited and happy. But that is exactly what I am today. It’s not just that the girls are playing happily together in the floor as I work; though that certainly always adds to it. 

Two things add to it today. First, I’m making progress in both my essential oil products and the garden. I love hearing from people the oils have helped. One of my workstations is downstairs across the room from our winter rations area. As I am working, I enjoy glancing over to see more natural and home canned items taking over the shelves. 

Another thing I am so excited about is that a Hobby Lobby is coming to town. I know it’s probably silly, but I’ve been beside myself ever since it was rumored. Now, it’s a month out and I’m already working on a list of things to check out when they open.

I better control my excitement for now though and get some work done.