Yesterday, I finished up processing a milk crate of beets our neighbor gave us. I decided to pickle this round. 

I followed the Ball recipe except I didn’t have cinnamon sticks so I guessed at adding ground. It probably will make the seasoning a little uneven, but I think it’ll work okay. I also didn’t add the allspice as it called for. I did what my mama and grandma always did and added a few cloves to the top of each jar before processing. 

I gave a small bag of beets from the crate away and it still yeilded over 15 pints. I had a small mess after the 15 pints that I am going to purée and experiment with. There are a lot of good beet recipe ideas out there!

Now, I need to go tackle cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes while the laundry washes. Lots of fun, but at least I wiped up the worst of the beet juice yesterday.