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August 1, 2017

An Irritated VisitorĀ 

I was clearing out some photos I needed to delete off my phone. I came across this one and realized I never shared it. 

This is from several weeks ago when I was picking some of our corn. I came inside and was sitting at the table when I felt a tingling to one side of my hip. I unconsciously ran my hand along the area. I felt something scruffy and then my fingers started to tingle as well. I looked to find this guy. 

I guess I picked him up in the corn plot. The ride in to the house must have agitated him into secreting something for defense. I don’t know what kind of catepiller he is, but I’m interested to find out. 


A Shift

I’ve noticed a shift in my collection of recipes, especially on Pinterest. I now look for recipes for produce I have, instead of looking for produce to make a recipe I find. 

It makes so much more sense. I thought of this as I was looking up ways to prepare beets the other day. Why spend the extra time and money trying to find ingredients when I can just cook what I have or can easily get? I am learning more ways to cook everyday foods than I ever thought possible. 

I also think being around the farmers market has helped me get more of a feel for what is easily available throughout the year. It makes me think of a book I saw and am still trying to decide on buying. I can’t remember the exact tittle, but it was a guild to cooking seasonally and locally with farmers markets. 

It may not always yeild the fanciest food, but it has its perks. Buying and eating locally grown foods creates a community that can self sustain itself. It is what sustained folks through settling the area and the depression. Why not get used to feeding my family like this in advance before something happens that requires it? 

It’s also easier to know who grows what food and how it is grown when it’s locally based. I know what I put on my crops and I can simply ask others I buy from. Can I still be lied to? Yes, but it’s a little harder to pull off and cover up. And there is more fall out if someone does. 

Needless to say, I’m excited and happy about the shift in my cooking habits. I just hope my family is enjoying the shift in their food as much as I am!

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