Savannah may be slow to potty training, but she picked up shelling beans quick. We had just a small handful from some vines that died. I finally got to shelling them and invited Savannah to help me. 

I showed her how I was opening the pods, popping the beans out and putting them in a little container. She took right to it! She started by picking up the beans I shelled and putting them in the container. Then she started grabbing pods and trying to shell them. She actually got one shelled all by herself before we were done. 

She only tried to taste a bean a couple times and a pod once. This was my main concern when we started because she thought we were eating when she first sat down. She realized soon after what we were doing and that the beans weren’t fit for eating yet. 

After we finished with our little mound, she asked for a snack. I told her I’d fix her one while she threw the empty pods in the trash. She hopped down and took them by handful to the trash can as I fixed her a plate! I’m so excited that I can involve her in this already.