We have had a few weeks of unseasonably cool and wet weather. While this doesn’t agree with getting a second cutting of hay, the garden is loving it. 

The green beans had been thinning as though they were nearing their end of production. They began reblooming and now have twice the foliage they did. The bean pods aren’t as thick as their first big production, but we will probably get a nice mess of them. 

The tomatoes are reblooming and growing new foliage as well. I have one last squash plant that was a slow grower and is just now starting to get big. The others all died from different pests. After they were gone, I was able to get rid of the few squash bugs that showed up on this plant. It is growing like crazy in this weather too. 

The only down side is my replanting of corn isn’t doing well. I’ve only had a few come up. I’m afraid with all the wet weather, I may have to try planting again. I’m also concerned it is now to late to get it grown before winter. 

The month is already flying by. It’s hard to believe it’s August, especially with this weather. I’d better get back to work, while I have the chance!