Hi! Robin Holt here. Welcome to Raised in a Barn. I have recently become a stay-at-home mama. This blog is going to be about my transition to being at home and my responsibilities here and on our family farm.

While I may have not been born in a barn (I do know how to close doors), I was born on the farm and was practically raised in the barn. I feel out of touch with my supposed generation because my childhood was very different from the standard. Looking back now, I am very thankful for this. I learned many things that I believe are lacking today in general society, not just my generation. These lessons and responsibilities I learned on the farm have given me a better life. However, I won’t climb on my soapbox quite yet and I try to not do it often!

Luckily, I have found a partner in life that shares in my weirdness. My husband Travis is cut from a similar cloth and he has an old soul to match my own. Now, we have a daughter, Savannah, and decided that having me at home would be best for our family. It took some work and worry, but by the Father’s blessing and the help of our parents, I am now at home on our farm east of Omaha, AR. Of course, as all stay-at-home mamas know, I’m still working as hard, just not out of hear shot of the baby.

We are all adjusting to the new routine, but it is going well. I am a big organizer so I am trying to get a schedule figured out. I have been told I will get bored. I very much doubt that. With Savannah, our home, and the farm, I should have plenty to do. And that is before I add in the garden I want to build, the books I have wanted to read, my never-ending list of craft projects, this blog… My schedule is feeling full already! Of course, something else I learned on the farm with my mama, you should never be bored because there is always something to clean or weeds to pull. As a kid, I never said anything about being bored. I would go find a book to read or something else to do; I feared I would be sent to pick up rocks out of garden if I appeared idle!

I hope y’all come to love the blog and that it is helpful at least some of the time! Please bear with me if the posts don’t come routinely at first. I will try to stay up on them as best as I can. I also apologize in advance for being overly opinionated on certain subjects; please do what I do with people’s opinions, take what is helpful and ignore what you don’t agree with. Another person’s opinion has no bearing on my convictions of right and wrong, therefore they cannot offend me. No need to pick a fight where an agreement isn’t needed. Also be warned, I have an offbeat sense of humor and am not always politically correct. This is the end of my disclaimer, ha-ha. Enjoy!