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Teaching Care

I know it seems silly, but I don’t believe in the thought that kids have to be hard on toys and that’s the way it is. I think they can be and should be thought to take care of what they have. I think it is how they learn appreciation for what they have. 

It’s not that I want my kids to be materialistic. I want them to know that stuff is far less important than people and time spent with the ones they love. But I don’t like the current mentality of society that treats everything they have as disposable. “Oh well, it broke; we’ll get a new one.” “You lost it? Oh well, they are a dime a dozen.”

I may be off base here, but this is why I’m glad the girls don’t have every toy under the sun. I want them to learn to make do and enjoy what they have. I want them learn to be grateful for and take care of their toys so they can continue to play with and enjoy them. 


Investing in Glass

I am slowly investing in glass. Part of the reason I am really liking having a Hobby Lobby close is that they carry all kinds of glass storage. This and a problem with some of my current storage methods has convinced me to start buying small jars like above. I figure on buying one or two as I get more into drying my own herbs. I also want to start buying larger ones as I begin drying more teas and fruits. I’m really looking forward to switching us over! 

Facebook Block 

I’m sorry my posts have been less regular. We have had a busy week and it promises to be just as busy the next month since yesterday started our fall holy day season. 

This post is just to pass word. I went through recently and blocked over 20 non-friend followers on Facebook. I don’t know that any of y’all followed me on there, but just in case, it’s nothing personal. I had learned how to check if I had non-friend followers and wanted to block any that I had. I try to keep my Facebook as personal as possible to avoid the few pictures I do post of my girls from circling very far. I’m probably overly cautious with them on this, but I’d rather error on the side of caution. 

Anyone interested in finding out about this on their Facebook should go to the account settings for blocking. Under block users, type “following me” and it will bring up a list of them. If you choose to block them, then you will have to do so individually until you remove them all. 

Banana Tree 

I planted this banana tree probably a month and a half ago. It’s putting on a new leaf again. I’m glad it’s taking off good! Once it gets close to frosting, I’ll have to store it in the garage. This will involve digging it up, wrapping the roots in something that will allow me to water it a little now and then, and cutting off all but one or two leaves. It grows from an almost bulb-like root so it is easy to dig up and even divide. I look forward to seeing how it develops. 

Looking Forward 

Last night, our little family followed suit to many others and headed for the County fair. It was the first night of the three day rodeo. We arrived early and took a walk around. Savannah loves getting to see the show animals. I was so happy to see what a large crowd they had, for both the fair shows and the rodeo. 

Something I have really been looking forward to as the kids get older is involving them in the fairs. Growing up with a work-from-home mom and being homeschooled meant that we could get what we needed to done at odd times and work at the County and District fairs. We half lived there as we got older. 

We volunteered and ran the photo entries for many years. Then when there wasn’t enough work to go around, I got loaned out to the craft ladies, who were a little older and could use a gofer (as in go-for this, go-for that). I handled placement of entries for them, keeping it organized by category. When I wasn’t working, I was hanging out at the barns with old and new friends. I loved it and learned so much. 

Now that I am at home wth the kids too, I’d like to get back to going to the fairs. For the time while the kids are little, I’ll probably just start entering things I’m working on. I’m sure I’ll have to get used to changes in regulations on entries. Maybe once they get older, I can get the kids involved. Maybe we can all volunteer. I just want them to build memories at the fairs like I did. 

Shelf for Market 

A little more wood used up! This is a basic shelf display I built for my market table. It is only about a foot and a half wide. It works well for bringing the smaller jars and bottles in my inventory up closer to eye leve. The only thing I plan on changing about it is putting a small decorative ridge on the two upper shelves. They slant slightly to make lid-top labels easier to read. It works well for that, but I worry about the wind coming up and helping items come off. (Yes, this did actually happen once.) I am thinking of making a couple more for at some point having a second table. I have time to decide that though. For now, it’s not much, but I like it. 

Hay to Pine

I’m making some changes in my herb area. After noticing some erosion in one portion of our rock wall, I decided to shift my use of the area. 

While it will still be an herb garden, I am gong to have them all in pots or planters to cut down on the erosion from watering. I had already planted most of them in something to curb their spread so this won’t be much of a change. I am considering building some planters, but I need to look into this some more. 

The main change I’m making is switching the mulch from hay to pine needles. The hay was just putting to much grass seed in the area. This lead to quickly sprouting grass and more wear on the packed areas I am trying to maintain. The needles should curb weed growth by both covering and adding higher acid levels to the ground. 

I’m happy with the changes and hoping they have the positive effect I think they will. I’ll try to pass along any other developments as I try this new method. 

Crayon Case

Upon doing the weekly cleaning out of my purse, I had a great idea. The little box of crayons I carry for Savannah (along wth a small notebook for times when she needs something to do while we wait) had deteriorated. It was far beyond being able to tape it again and get another month’s use. I was trying to decide what to put crayons in for my purse when it hit me. I had an empty Altoids tin. 

So here is the start of Savannah’s new travel crayons. I no longer have to worry about them falling out and melting in the bottom of my purse. I think it’s going to work perfectly. 

Finished Storage Bench 

It’s done! I finished building our storage bench. I gave it a light sanding to knock off the worst of the splinters. (Please ignore the junk in the photo – I organized the garage the same day.) This is what it looks like for now. 

I will add a couple things as I have time. I want to sew a cushion for the top. It will spruce the bench up a bit and make a more comfortable perch. I will also either buy or build a rack for stacking shoes on the right side. 

I also want to try crocheting two or three plastic baskets for the shelves. I have heard of recycling plastic bags by cutting them in strips and crocheting them into usable items. I’m excited to try that though it will probably be a while before I can start on one much less get one done. That will probably be one of my winter projects. 

Anyway, the bench is usable for now and that’s what counts. I still have a lot of wood to use and I better hurry up with it. 

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