Well, it’s a good thing I did that extra cleaning and cooking last Thursday and Friday. I went into labor Sabbath midmorning while we were visiting with family. My contractions were irregular so I wasn’t all that concerned. By early afternoon they still weren’t regular, but I felt we should head back from visiting just in case. 

Sure enough as we got to town, which is about half way home, the contractions went regular and got stronger. So instead of heading on home (the birth and baby stuff had been in the Escape for over a week), we met our midwife and her assistant at her house in town. My folks picked up Savannah from her place and took her to their house until we got home. Later that evening, Savannah’s little sister was born. 

The pushing labor was a little rough, but I had a great team of help. Travis was the best support I could ask for. Caroline Grace was born at 5:47 pm. My midwife said I might have had Caroline an hour after we got to her house if she had been in a better position. I’m just happy she’s here! Caroline is healthy and beautiful. She looks a lot like Savannah at that age, even right down to her hair. She has a little jaundice, but it is clearing up nicely. She and Travis share the 31st as a birthday, which I think is really awesome. 

Now, we are slowly falling into a routine. By next week, we will hopefully have everyone sleeping better. Travis took a few days off and handled house work while I recovered. I’m getting back in the swing of things, but my posts may still be a little irregular. Thanks for being patient and have a great weekend!